What Do You Do Pre-Spawn?

I hope you did all that planning the day before your flight… it will probably take your 180 passengers that long to clear TSA !!!


wow everyone seems really professional on the preparation. I normally just did these (in the exact order) :

  • opens IFC, topic “new expert server schedule” and finds out which region to fly at the time
  • go to ifatcstats to see if there’s active airport with ATC
  • go to flightaware to find the closest realistic flight route to or from that airport. this also to figure out how much fuel I have to carry.
  • go to flight plan database and find one for the route
  • cleared phone cache, restart if I haven’t done it for the last 8 hours
  • hop in to IF, select aircraft & livery, then look at the destination airport first to figure out where will I parked (if I plan to fly heavy), and then go to the starting airport, select gate, and change call sign to match the livery.
  • fly baby yeaaahh :D

is that explanation too much? :)

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