What Do You Do Pre-Spawn?

What do you do pre-spawn before doing an ultra-realistic point A to B IFR commercial flight? Below is what i do:

  • Open Flightaware to figure out what aircraft and callsign should I be using and which gate should I spawn in.
  • Open SimBrief to file a flight plan.
  • Assemble my setup (putting my iPad, throttle quadrant and joystick in the middle of my desk and plugging in my headphones.
  • Open Infinite Flight on my iPad.
  • Connect LiveFlight Connect, In-Flight Instruments, In-Flight Assistant and Infinite Passengers all to Infinite Flight.
  • Set aircraft, gate, callsign and server of my choice.
  • Spawn in!

I nag @kiwiaviation until he flies with me.

  • Open Flightaware to look for the flight I want to fly
  • Copy the route if there is one. If not, use SimBrief or Rfinder
  • Paste that route into Skyvector to have a map of the flight
  • While in Skyvector, check for METARs/TAFs at departure/destination/alternate (if one is required) as well as PIREPS that might be affecting the area of my flight
  • Prepare departure/approach charts for the flight (usually Airnav or Skyvector)
  • Go to weather.gov to look for active SIGMETs, winds aloft, and forecast weather
  • Open IF and start the flight
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Determine route I want to fly
Use Flightaware/FR24 to determine approximate flying time (and/or copy route)
Use Windy.com to take a look at winds
Restart device, Clear RAM
Plug in device
Open IF

Spam @MishaCamp and make him agree for a flight and spawn


Decide on time/distance, find route, Aircraft, SimBrief it, Use fplminer, copy FPL, check where to spawn on LF, Spawn!

  1. Decide where to fly as well as the server
    1a. This is dependent on many factors (did I fly the route recently, is there ATC there, do I want to see something stunning, etc.)
    1b. Note I must go through this all very quickly if I chose my route because of ATC; You never know when they’ll quit.

  2. Check Flightaware for my intended flight
    2a. Note down the gate and aircraft (if aircraft isn’t available in Infinite Flight, I use an aircraft similar to it [eg. If the flight uses an MD80, I use the 717)

If my route isn’t on Flightaware, then…

  1. File via Simbrief (DAL form)
    3a. Depending on my paper/ink situation, I might print the OFP
    3b. If my route was on Flightaware, then I paste it into the area on SimBrief

  2. Pull up Airport Plates/Charts including ground chart
    4a. If my flight is in the US, I use Flightaware to find them
    4b. If not, I use SkyVector to find them
    4c. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll pull up the ground chart via Virtual Hub

  3. Copy the OFP and paste into @SkyHigh’s brilliant route converter (not sponsored)

  4. Copy the waypoints into a Google Doc so I can access it on my phone

  5. Connect IFAssistant, IFPAX, and LiveFlight, as well as its application counterpart
    7a. If my joystick decides to work that day, I connect it as well

  6. Head to my gate and fly! (Unless Zambia’s power company decides that I should have a bad day, and cuts our power for hours on end)
    8a. Happens too often

  • Get iPad

  • Think for about 7 minutes about what route I’m gonna fly, how much time it’ll take, the approx. time I’ll finish, what aircraft and livery I’ll pick.

  • Then I spawn.

Pretty simple and easy. This is for the lazy people who doesn’t want to do to much.


I always do this:

Flight planning mostly.

  • Checking Flightradar24 or a database of FR24 screenshots that I have, and choose a flight.
  • Go to SimBrief and create the OFP.
  • Google the flight to see if I can get a realistic gate.

-Open Safari
-Open Flightplandatabase.com
-Open Windy.com/
-Open Youtube.com
**-Calculate Top of descent **
-get FOOD.


Get on Phone

Set up flight plan courtesy of me



  1. Open virtual hub to get my FPL, sometimes the correct gate and my top of decent
  2. Restart my device so it doesn’t lag
  3. Spawn

Sing a long with Justin Bieber on Pandora…

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What I do:

  1. Check Flightradar24 for overnight flights from KLAX (during weekends)
    Check different airlines websites route maps for flights from KLAX

  2. find the aircraft

  3. Prepare the route

  4. Charge iPad for a minimum of 30 minutes without turning the screen on

  5. Restart iPad

  6. Select server

  7. Spawn!

  1. Think of what airline and route I want to fly (EX: Alaska from KSJC-KSEA).
  2. Look for Alaska flights on Flightaware or FlightRadar24.
  3. Choose a flight that occurs closest to my current time.
  4. Copy the callsign and type of aircraft.
  5. Go on Infinite Flight, In-Flight Assistant, and Virtual Hub.
  6. Select the server, aircraft, airport, gate and set callsign.
  7. SPAWN!!!
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Literally nearly the same exact method

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  1. Think of what route I wanna fly
  2. Get route from ForeFlight
  3. Get weight and balance from ForeFlight.
  4. Get briefing from ForeFlight
  5. Get taxi route
  6. Read over NOTAMs and METARS again
  7. Spawn in

Guys, if you use Simbrief you don’t have to check the winds. Simbrief is linked to Skyvector, Flightaware and Windy.com to make the best FPL possible. That is why I love it!

  1. Go to google flights to find out which airlines operate the route in what aircraft. (In the event of only connecting flights being available, I look at the first leg, and keep the tab open for later.)

  2. Open IF and see if the aircraft is available in the correct livery. If not, I will pick a similar aircraft that does have the livery.

  3. Open FlightAware to check gate info at both ends of my flight.

  4. Select the appropriate gate at my departure airport.

  5. Search for my destination airport in IF, and take a screenshot of the layout in order to taxi to the correct gate upon landing.

  6. Create a flightplan in SimBrief.

  7. Copy the route

  8. Study the flightplan for a few minutes to see if there’s anything I want to change (for example altitudes to avoid winds).

  9. Spawn in!

I end the previous flight.