What do you do on a commercial flight to follow along?

I am flying to KBOS on JetBlue this week and I thought I’d ask around what you might do to follow along? I know about LiveATC to listen in and Flightradar24 are there other apps or websites that might be fun to use pre-flight or in-flight to follow along?

I download enough Netflix shows to last me the flight, download a few games I know I won’t get bored with, I always have my camera out (in case of rare aircraft, etc). That’s what I generally do! Hope this helps

I typically sleep or read my favorite book on the airplane. I really enjoy it since it’s called “Fatal Traps for helicopter pilots” and I typically fly first class/ business and right as I get on and settle down I start reading it, I really enjoying watching people’s faces look worried.


I am naughy and bring a VHF Receiver, you can’t really here the controllers when your in the cruise, but you can hear the pilots.


I sleep, I sleep as soon as the flight reaches 2000ft. Then I eat… eat the leftover Ice Cream from Business Class then sleep. Listen to music, watch drama series and sleep. Alot of sleeping. Oh yeah and drink like 50 glas of the tomator juice sooo yummy, then? Sleep! Record the landing or sleep while the plane lands, then wake up and get out last to feel special as you walk elegantly to the exit 😎

Hotell? Sleep! 😴

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Sleep, Netflix and fly on IF



Ooohh I like that!! Flying Norwegian in a Norwegian 😎


Very classy😉😄😃

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So if you hold your device completely still in your hands will you take off and follow the exact route your plane does? 😄 @Andre_S

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Haha 😂
I’d rather not «hand fly» 1.5 hours

Depends on the time the flight is and how long it goes for.

I’ll either play IF and fly along or I’ll sleep

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