What do you do if IFATC is flag out ignoring you?

Currently at LFPG, on approach with >10 minutes until arrival, and on left downwind. Have tried to contact Paris Approach multiple times, all with no response after 5-7 minutes. What would you do/ what should I do?


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Update: had communication nearly 15 minutes after first contact.

Hi, did you contact the frequence and they didnt respond? Probably you aren’t in there airspace so they can’t respond your messages. IFATC approach controllers know what they are doing so I think it is your fault. Try to req a approach or something else when you are in there airspace!

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Hi- yes,

I switched to “DeGualle Approach” 8nm out from the Paris area. I was certainly on the radar by then as flights around me were also making contact.

You can contact the frequence but they can’t give you instructions if you aren’t in the airspace for approach. If you are you need to check if you are in the correct frequence. somethimes they use a multiple frequence, check ATIS for airfield information, there you can see what frequence you need to contact.

Please tell me why other aircraft in my vicinity were making contact with the same approach if I wasn’t in his airspace.

Okay, I’m a bit confused now. Can you send me in PM the replay of your flight and I will check what happened.

Left downwind is a bit late to contact approach, isn’t it? I’m quite sure it’s around 18,000 feet or 50 nautical miles from the airport.


@jsc.aviation there is a bug in IFATC where IFATC cant see your aircraft sometimes, and then it suddenly appears to the controller with a loss of audio.

Infinite Flight have made the necessary fix to this bug in the Beta Expert Server.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can direct it to the controller who was controlling at the moment when this happened.


What server were you flying? Training/expert/casual?

IFATC is on Expert server and Expert Server beta.

There can be an issue with communicating with some a/c. I had it earlier when controlling EGLL on ES, was able to communicate with some but not all A/C. Had to log out then back in. Much more likely to be a bug rather than you being ignored.

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