What do you do during your flights?

What do you do during your flights?

When you set flight to the skies, what do you do in the meantime? Sleep? Read? Talk on the phone?

As for me, the most common thing I do whilst flying is cooking. It seems uncommon, and a bit odd, but it feels so good for me. Baking is also something I’m into.

Other than that, it’s just the usual; homework, studying, etc.

That’s my take, how about y’all?


I’d continue here 😉


If im flying Short haul, homework, study or watch YouTube, If Im flying a long haul, sleep because I fly It during the night

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Well, not necessarily about long hauls…

Just saying in general! Feel free to contribute if you’d like! :)

There could be other things than sleep.

Some of us do different things during a short haul, than a long haul.

Short Haul - Do stuff around the house, check the IFC, play Forza Horizon 4 etc.

Long Haul - Normally I do them overnight and just sleep, sometimes I do them in the day only if it’s for an event. If I do one of those, I usually go somewhere to like a store, or planespotting etc


Overnight I sleep, obviously. But during the day I do school, homework, or watch Youtube.


I sleep lol during the day I just chill and play warzone or something


I do a variety of things. If i am at home doing a long haul during the day i normally do my work and watch a lot of TV shows or movies and sometimes i do my work from home.
Short hauls are mostly i play on my PS4

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I love car racing so I spend my time racing on Project Cars 3, Asetto Corsa, or I Racing.

I’m beginning to see a pattern…

Cool, other than cooking or school, I’d normally hop on my PS4 and play something.

hmu we gotta play sometime

sounds cool!

Simulator enthusiast! :)

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Do homework, go to class, smack @Thunderbolt in COD, browse the IFC, sleep, get out of the house. I try to do flights while I’m occupied so I can land after.

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Yessir! I’m still debating if I want to be a pilot or a race car driver in a year when I start college.

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Accurate -_-

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I’m down to play

Well during virtual school I flew a lot of Atlantic hops and Hawaii flights but now I do flights during homework.

When flying short routes: on my phone

When flying long haul: staying 30min at my iPad until I realise I won’t get enough sleep again.

Mainly, I just get up to cruise, make myself a meal, and then browse IFC and my chat in my VA slack, usually also got a YT video going in the background

If it’s a short flight, I mainly just watch whatever’s on until I land. Medium flight, usually homework or I just watch YouTube. Long hauls (mostly overnight) I slep

XD sounds about right!

For long hauls, I’ll takeoff and just go to bed. Once we were on a road trip and I flew between the cities we were driving to! Its needless to say… I won that race.