What do you do during a flight?

During a flight what do you do to entertain yourself? Watch on a separate device?


It it’s short haul then I just stay whatching the screen.


Pretty sure there is already a topic like this, can’t find it though

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IRL I stare out of the window to take in the views, monitor my PFD (Primary Flight Display) watch fuel calculations, prepare for landing at the airport, reviewing information… oh and eating. Nothing like lunch at 32,000 feet.


It depends, actually. Listen to my music player, or read some news heh. On a short haul flight I just stay focused ( which is what I recommend) on the approach timing, fuel, speed, altitude, etc. And I actually never do long haul flights . 👍

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Depends on the length of the flight. Normally, for short hauls, I will have Twitch or some other videos playing. I might also be doing regular housework for a bit.

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If it’s short haul I intensified my experience by starting at my screen for prolonged time periods
And for long haul I would watch Netflix on my tv / Listen on my radio scanner of EGNT/ read / Xbox/ planespot/ spy on people outside/ go outside/ sleep/ etc

There is an old topic out there, but it’s specific to long haul flights.


Short haul under 2 hours i just stay in the cockpit medium haul 2-5 hrs i may explore outside the plane takr pictures use wing or seat view to be a passenger etc. Long Haul or transatlantic or transpacific 6+hrs i sleep over the oceans after checking a couple weather settings making sure i won’t overspeed and wake up then land the plane.

You know I really thought we were talking bout IF 😂😂😂

I mostly stick to my device, occasionally getting up to stretch or get food/water. Other than that I am on the IFC!

Watch youtube, make events, do VA stuff, and browse the IFC

Sleep. What else better to do than to recharge :)

Watch movies

Under 2 hours: go on a run
2-6 hours: watch Netflix/play games/play soccer
Over 6 hours: I usually do these overnight, so sleep

Thanks I get so bored after takeoff

Short hops: Watch the whole flight
2-4 hour flights: Play Fortnite, watch youtube, do homework, watch TV
Long hauls: Usually overnight


Go up the back and chuck unruly passengers off mid-flight ;)


Go on with my normal day until landing :)

At cruising altitude, I turn on NAV autopilot, switch to a wing view, and pretend I am a passenger enjoying the views.