What do you do after switching from Approach to Tower?

Hi, does anyone know the correct procedure when switching from Approach to Tower?
Approach: KLM 4805, contact San Clemente Tower on 126.75
So I contact the tower, do I call inbound again, or do I just continue with my approach?

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I usually land.

One approach switches you to tower, call inbound on the ILS, stating the runway approach guided you to. Then, tower will clear you to land and you most likely won’t need to say anything else until short final or after touchdown :)

Actually, you must make contact with tower, as you still aren’t cleared to land until tower says so. All approach did was clear you to intercept the ILS. You don’t have clearance to enter the runway until Tower provides one, which it can’t until you send intentions. So yes, definitely call inbound, but use "On the ILS if that’s where APP takes you


Ok, thank you very much!
By the way if you’re on Training Server 1 at Southern California right now, I’m Captain Pikachu heading for KSAN

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Hey! I saw you land lol

I forgot, was I KLM 4805 or Delta 1141?

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Delta I think lol. We’re you in a 767?

Boeing 777-200LR

Oh, I remember.

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