What do you ask first, Pushback or Taxi?

When you’re on live, which do you ask to do first? Pushback or Taxi? Thanks :)

Pushback! The plane needs to be on the taxiway first. When you are ready to taxi, you can ask Ground which runway is active.


Thank you!!

Yes definitely push-back first if at a terminal as stated by @Fabian-BB

You request pushback first, but if you’re in a GA aircraft you can request taxi from the stand

Just an addition later on, on advanced servers the ATIS frequency will give you information about which runway to takeoff from. Tuning in on ATIS would be the first step, afterwards as already said pushback and then you can already request the right runway to taxi to, relieving the controller of some workload

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This might sound stupid, but what does ATIS mean? And yes, I usually request a specific runway :)

Thanks a lot :)

ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Service

As Tim already stated Automatic Terminal Information Service. It gives you all the information you will need for takeoff and landing. (runways in use, wind, visibility, if pattern work is accepted, etc.)

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You can also taxi a commercial aircraft from a a non-Gate position. Location is the key factor. That’s why you plan a flight before you pull the chocks! Max Sends

Push back is location dependent. Push Back away from a gate is a dangerous menuver without a ground guide. Pilots discression and pre-flight planning is the key. Max Sends

usually pushback but at a few airports like London city you don’t pushback and just taxi because the parking spaces are already facing the taxiway.

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I think post 4 would of been a better solution.