What do you all generally use before a flight?

I was wondering if all of you do a lot of planing before a flight. Like using SimBirief or VirtualHub. Or do some of you just fly without doing this? How much of planing do you do, and do you enjoy planing?


I use simbrief and then Chris S’s great converter software which allows me to just paste the route onto IF.


Is that a website? Can I have the link? Cheers :)

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The only 3 things you need is Simbrief, fpltoif.com (from Chris) and the charts of the airport.




Thanks! Appreciated!

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I really enjoy the planning part of the flight. There are sometimes I jump in for fun flight, but even then will have a look at the charts of the area that I am flying in so get nasty surprises!

Mainly I will look at charts, departure and arrival, use combination of simbrief or onlineflightplanner for the flight plan and a bit of pen and paper to check fuel.

Also I check on flight tracker app for the real life flight too!

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I typically start on flightaware.com to find a flight leaving from my local airport with the same airframe I want to fly.

From there I pop over to Simbrief to input zed route.

Simbrief to converter from Chris mentioned above.

Copy flight plan.

Launch IF Assistant, launch IF.

I use virtualhub app on my iPhone for check lists, gate info, and charts.

Paste flight plan, set weight and balance. Engines on and request pushback!


I use Flightaware for the flight plan and the departure chart, aswell as the arrival chart for the destination. So I spend typically around 15-20min of planning before a flight.

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I normally look at the route used in real life using the playback feature on Flightradar24 to identify the departure and arrivals used.
On most occasions I’ll take a look at the arrival and departure charts so I can plot the exact waypoints.

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Flightaware for realistic flight number


I use Flight Aware and then Windy when I fly. I sometimes copy flight plans and sometimes make my own based on wind speed and direction.

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I usually use In-Flight Assistant or Infinite Passengers!

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So before my flight, I prepare my flight plan on flightplandatabase.com, I prepare infinite passengers, check my checklist and then start the flight. All of this usually takes 15 minutes :)


@Edward_Fish Same, but I use flightradar24 to see a flight.


Here are applications that I use:

  • Simbrief (simbrief.com)
  • Flight Plan to Infinite Flight by Chris_S (fpltoif.com)
  • IF PAX
  • In-Flight Assistant
  • Infinite Checklists
  • FlightAware (only if I need to know where an airline would park at an airport or if I am following a real world flight)
  • FlightRadar24 (if I am following a real world flight)

On IF, nothing. In real life, a suitcase.


@Northwest… MaxSez: Best retort of the cycle. Well Done!



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