What do we do?

Phillipe closed the ATC playground Crew and IFEP crew joint communications. Any IFEP people know what to do. What was wrong with our communications thread. You made on hella mistake

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He said it himself at the end of the thread.

Make one thread per event I suppose.

This was our only joint communication thread

This wasnt an event thread

To directly quote him ^^

THIS WAS NOT AN EVENT THREAD. It was our communications thread. Now the pnly way we can do is make a public topic

Event or not we never intended the forum to be used as immediate communication tool.

That being said we are trying to figure out what to do for the time being. Stay tuned.


Just PM many people to communicate freely without taking all the space on the general forum.

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No, this was a huge pm whith many people in it but some got pissed off becase divebuddah made a joke but the treehuggers got mad flagged it. Next thing ya know its shut down

I mean what do you mena your trying to figure out what to do

It was a pm

I see. If I was in their situation, I wouldn’t know either. Since I am not IFEP nor a major ATC playground ATC, I don’t know much about you’re functions and such.

That thread was mainly for our communication to plan small events and fly with each other. Then every once in awhile we will make a bigger event talk sbout in there then make a topic about it

1 PM per event?

It was all in one thread then we would make a public topic about the event

In that case, I don’t know.

I dont see the point why we cant do this. I pay for this game and we cant have a thread for our crew. Is this how cheapskate they are

1st no need to freak out. I made the quick decision to close it out since we thought that it wasn’t the purpose of this forum to be used like instant messaging (the fact that it was close has nothing to do with the comment that was flagged).

As I said, it was a quick decision because we had a goal for this forum and IM wasn’t one of them. We have to be careful with bandwidth and such (this forum is free to you, not to us…).

That being said, we realize that there aren’t many other options (until we have In-Game chat eventually) and as this forum gets more popular, it makes it easier to have everything in the same location.

I’ll reopen the thread.


You make a very good point. There is real money being spent idk it makes me mad

This is not the issue here. The issue is about how we want this forum/community to be used. We pay for a service that we offer our community for free.