What do violations actually do?

I’ve been reading around and I’ve never played live before.

What exactly do violations do?

Is there some kind of penalty/repercussion for getting a certain number of violations in a certain time, or what?


On the training or expert servers, if you get three violations on one flight, you will get ghosted, or made invisible to other pilots for the remainder of the flight.

Grade wise, it will make it much harder to achieve a higher grade or may even bump you down a grade

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Now, I’m probably not the best person to report on that. Someone please correct me if im wrong

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Nope, you’re not wrong. Everything appears to check out.

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Sorry, what?

@Decca0805 they were referring my post saying i might be wrong

Violations are system generated and are given when one of the rules are broken. The most typical violation is overspeeding.

A warning is given and 20 seconds later if not corr fted you get a violation. Violations are handed out every 20 seconds until the situation is resolved or you get 6 violations. At 6 violations you are kicked from your session.

Violations have an impact on your grade and may impact your ability to access a particular server.


As long as you pay attention to your flight, there really is no reason to get too many violations :)


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