What do VA's want in a Crew Center

Hello Everyone,

I am making a Crew Center called VACenter || The New Crew Center for VA’s and I am wondering other than PIREPs and Admin Tools, what in a Crew Center do VA’s want, please reply with your requests.

Thanks in advance.


being original like adding tracking map, routes map, global VA statistics… Make it unique


Personally, when assisting a VA I staff at help choose a platform for a crew center, we took into consideration the accessibility and integrations that the platform was able to do.

Some of the things we’ve looked into are the ability to code in interactive PIREP commands connected with the slack (would be very complex), integrating FPLtoIF into the CC, and many other things to better the overall experience that the pilot has with the crew center, and VA as a whole.

There are many things that you can make of a CC, so if you are able to, be unique and try to integrate things that pilots use on a common basis to attract people to VACenter, just my advise as it’s been working really well.

Hope I could help you, Sammy!


Thanks Guys, much appreciated ill take these into consideration

Happy I could help. If you ever have any more questions, my buddy @JarrettFlies is always thinking ahead of the game and would probably love to PM, talk to you, and maybe give you some suggestions as well! Jarrett is the Air China Virtual CEO and has been coding his crew center nearly everyday for the past 3-4 months, just to clarify.


There are hundreds of things I want in a Crew Center. Unfortunately, despite trying 4 different types you can’t get the best from all worlds in one. Not I try my best to code these awesome things such as PIREP commands in communication channels, having FPL2IF integrated in the CC when you book a route, advanced event schedulers, and so much more.

Like Shane said the possibilities are endless, please PM me if you need any help. A CrewCenter is what makes or breaks a VA imo, just like the staff.


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