What do VA's do?

I have just joined Qantas Virtual airline and i am wondering what they do?

What do you mean by what do they do?

I dont know how to explain. Like do they do anything to make IF more realistic?

Most likely. You should ask staff members of your VA.


You fly for them, earn hours and respect. You must fly for 1 flighg per certain amount of weeks depending on the VA. I am COO of Flydubai Virtual, and we ask pilots to fly 1 flight every 3 weeks. The average is 2-3 weeks.

Oh ok. thank you.

They organise events for you to attend, and earn hours on. This keeps the realism providing knowledgeable players together in a certain aircraft.

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Thanks. Devs close this please

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Hi, I am in QVG as well, if you need any help getting started just DM me on discord.