What do VA competitions look for?

So I know we have landing competitions and yes, VA competitions!

But what I really am curious is what do people look for in VA competitions?

Is it the number of people from a VA, the landing, the formation or something else?

Just curious as I can’t wait to bring SIA in into a VA competition (but I decided that’ll only be in June as the VA is still pretty new)

It’s about the number of people really. The formations and landings are just for fun!

That was easy…

In my VA’s context, really too easy lol I really didn’t expect that to happen:

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The real big VAs like Qantas, American and your Singapore will dominate these, if they came to one.

In the past only the Non-IRL ones like TravelSky or Skyliner have come.

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Hahaha I was just too taken aback by the crazy traffic… Anyways Skyliner has its own number too… 60! 😂 @B767fan

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You’re so flattering Nathaneal!

I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I am trying to congratulate SKY on its 60 member count 😂😂😂

It’s good. Thanks mate.

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