What do u think upon a butter and/or hard landing

if i butter this weird noise i didnt think i can make usually comes out and a rough landing i will be moody for the next few hours :/ what do u do/think


If I smack the plane


And I never butter


felt this one in my soul :/


I got used to doing -700fpm always

I think my best landing was a -150ish in an A350

OOF thats tuff ;-;

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mines was -41 on 737-700 (I might have a -30 on like a a321 but i dont really remember)

and -764 on 747-400

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See my best landing here, last image (it’s a video)

That one made me happy

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a bit quick on reverse but otherwise nice haha

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Yea ty

That was in May, before I joined IFC, I was still grade 2

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I thank myself for landing that plane. Butter or grease that’s another story.

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sir, you’re going to need to rethink your life’s choices…

smoothest was -21 on A330
hardest was -1071 on a 747,

Why is that 💀💀

lol gpws irl would just be RETARD


Whenever I end up with a VS below 250/300, I feel Ok, which is most of the time. When above that figure, I am slightly unhappy!

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I don’t care that much about landing quality unless it’s over 800fpm, a huge float, or my crosswind handling is poor.

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If I ruined a landing I’ll immediately go back to Solo to redo the approach…

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If I BUTTER the bread on a landing I play this song…and if I smash it into the ground, I play this song.

I’ll just go around whenever I overshoot the touchdown zone or make a hard landing. I’m very serious with them. Any landing above -394fpm warrants a missed approach.

My best landing is -5fpm in 757 and hardest is -620 in 777-200ER

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