What do u think about pro

I wonderd if iT is worth THE money to buy IF pro.
What do u Guys think about iT and why i should buy it or not?

Pro is great. There is a huge community here and it is great to fly with ATC and other pilots!

Yes!!! I was on the fence as well, but I decided to try it and wasn’t disappointed. It is totally worth the money. Live is awesome and global flight unlocks so many opportunities (doing long hauls is very rewarding).

It‘s amazing! It‘s already worth it for doing ATC. The feeling when you land at a busy airport with ATC after a long haul is great.

Ah the search button is a wonderful tool…

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If you want to experience flying around the world, visiting whichever country you desire, then yes. Its definitely worth it.

I definitely recommend you buy Pro Subscription it’s worth it👍🏽

I was hesitant to buy the monthly $10 subscription, but after a week of pro, I got hooked. Now I’m planning to spend $80 on a yearly sub once this runs out in September. Bottom line: Pro is amazing, and you won’t regret it.

If you really want to benefit from IF, I strongly advise you to buy the pro, you will be able to have access to all the planes, to all the airports with the possibility of making international flights (from France to the USA for example) , not to mention the presence of ATC, and Expert Server.
This can be very fun but also very informative. There are a multitude of differences, and I enjoy it from afar at the IF Pro in Solo mode.