What do they mean by pushed?

What do they mean by pushed 2 more builds?

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They have sent those builds to Apple for review. Review usually takes 2-4 days from what I’ve heard.


Oh ok thanks so they pushed it 2 times now?

What’s that?

Not always. They said in the livestream they pushed for the first time Friday and was accepted Friday afternoon


I’m hoping before Saturday :))

Applications need to be reviewed and approved by Apple and Android before it can be released to user. Sometimes this can take hours, sometimes it can take days. Past releases Apple has found things that needed to be addressed.

Approval from Apple/Android does not mean a release. It is just one step in a multi-step release process.

It is up to the devs on when the application is then delivered to the devices. Sometimes additional bugs may be found like Laura mentioned which causes the process to start all over again.

A release may be approved and ready but now it is waiting on documenting features, tutorials, and so forth so they are prepared for all the questions.


We all are, waiting for updates is the WORST
Let’s continue this discussion here though

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It would only have been one build if your BOI Nate didn’t break another feature of the app 🙄

Thanks a lot for making sure the app works properly, gosh 😡


Lol so you’re The mate Laura was talking about in the stream 👌😂😂😂 she said u found a bug

Calm now my young grasshopper, you will complain anyways if its not right.

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Yep. I delayed the release unexpectedly. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Thanks a lot Nate 😂