What do these settings mean?

Does someone know what does this 2 settings mean? It’s in live settings.

is this a trick question…?

if you select it then it will hide the aircraft dots! Example is if you have your settings to Med or Low aircraft counts you wont see all the aircraft, however there will be a White box or dot to show where they are so you don’t taxi into them on the ground!


As David said, it shows a white square/box where the plane would be. Hiding it would show only the name, and the plane if you have the setting on high.

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I changed the picture above, I was wrong because I knew what ‘airplane dots’ means, and not the settings in the new picture above
I’m sorry!

But thank you!
@Keegan_Gidley @David_Lockwood

OK…so what bit do you not understand…Airplane Count (controlling the number of aircraft you see in live) or the downloading of aircraft when connected to Celluar (as opposed to be connected via WiFi?)

Both of above

Airplane count means of you want to be able to see the other players’ aircraft. Having it on low would make only a few show up, and having it on high will show them all. Having it on high may cause low FPS.

ok, sorry not sure how to explain any further then my last post!

Oke now understand that. Thank you.

No problem.

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