what do these mean?

  1. what is the difference between saying “inbound on the ils runway” and calling inbound and requesting a runway?

  2. when doing pattern work and being cleared for pattern work, and ur on final for a TAG, is tower responsible for telling you that you are cleared for the option, or do you have to request it?

  3. this is sort of similar to the last question. when going around, do you have to request landing clearance again?

any responses are appreciated :)


Saying “…inbound on the ILS Runway…” is when you have been cleared by the approach controller for the ILS. You would say “…inbound, requesting Runway…” when there is no approach but there is Tower and you are requesting to land on a specific runway.

Tower is responsible for telling you are cleared for the option but you have to say you are inbound for T&G beforehand

Yes you do…

Hope that cleared some things up. If you want to ask anything else - feel free to PM me.


sometimes the controller may clear you before you have requested it (if the pilot forgot to request idk) so they may clear you for the option then


No you don’t. There isn’t much need to say anything after a go around, tower will get you back in by themselves.

However if there’s an approach, tell the approach controller you are on a missed approach.


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This can be applied also when cleared for a Visual Approach by the approach controller.

If in a pattern, tower must clear between upwind and early-downwind not on final

Hope this helps!

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You say inbound when Approach ATC has cleared you for the approach, you request one when there’s no Approach ATC.

Tower is responsible for clearing you for the option

Yep, but simply apply first answer depending on scenario.

Howdy @IbiPlays! There seems to be some misinformation going around in this thread so let me clear some things up :)

You will call “inbound on the ILS, runway xx” when an approach controller has cleared you for an ILS approach for that specific runway. You will call “inbound for landing, requesting runway xx” when there’s been no approach controller and only a tower frequency with which to communicate.

The chart shown by @TimShan05 gives some instruction for how to handle different types of approaches with an approach frequency and a tower frequency.

If you are remaining in the pattern with a tower frequency, it is their job to sequence you within the pattern and then clear you for the option for the runway. They may move you around depending on the number of runways, traffic, etc. and in the case that they do change your runway, they’d give you a pattern entry for the new runway, a sequence if necessary, and again, that clearance for the option for the runway. You do not have to request to do touch and goes if you’ve been cleared to remain in the pattern.

Nope! If you announce a go-around or tower tells you to go around, you do not have to call inbound for landing/touch and goes again. The controller in either situation is aware that you had to go around, and they’ll give you a traffic instruction to make, left or right traffic.

I hope that this has helped you! If you need any more guidance about using ATC, please feel free to DM me or check out the ATC tutorials found in #tutorials:atc. Have a great rest of your day!


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