What do these mean?

I went to http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=Aircraft and found a chart, but I didn’t know what some of the columns were.

Can someone please tell me what these things mean?
By the way, I know some of these things, just not all of them, so i’m not really stupid.

Which ones don’t you understand?

I’ll assume you know the obvious ones (length, wind, max knots, ceiling etc are in regards to the aircrafts dimensions and operating capabilities)

ICAO - Is the code designated by the ICAO List of aircraft type designators - Wikipedia

OEW - ‘Operating Empty Weight’ Operating empty weight - Wikipedia

MTOW - ‘Maximum Takeoff Weight’ Maximum takeoff weight - Wikipedia


I think they are as follows:

Aircraft: (obvious)
ICAO: Aircraft wake turbulence category according to the ICAO
Length: Well… the length in meters
Wing: Wingspan in meters
Max Knots: Max speed in knots
Ceiling: Max altitude in feet
OEW: Operating empty weight
MTOW: Maximum takeoff weight
Range: How far it’ll go on a tank of fuel (miles)
Max Seats: Max number of seats with various configurations
Cargo: (Not sure how this one is measured)
T-off: Length of runway required for take-off (this is a guess)
Land: Length of runway required for landing (also a guess)
Land Speed: Obvious

@Aernout or @Pilothodge80 - can you help out?


Nailed it sir!

Cargo will be the cargo capacity in m3.


Guessing those will be a rule of thumb rather than actual figures, with all the variables that are used to calculate the actual length of runway , V1, V2, landing speed, and length of runway etc.