What do the runway colors mean?

I’m assuming green runways are all good, but what do red runways mean? Out of use? Bad winds? If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks.

Red can also mean that thee winds are not favoring that side of the runway (EX: tailwinds)

That is false. Don’t spread misinformation.

Green means the runway is favorable to land/takeoff on, Orange is semi-favorable, and Red is unfavorable.

The colors do not mean open/closed!


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The colors are simply suggestions. It’s recommended you always check the METAR to determine which runway suits your AC better. If you like realism check Fr24 to see what they are using IRL.


Yup @MrMrMan is right. To add on to that, when there is no traffic on the area, it’s ok to use any runway regardless of wind conditions. When ATC is present, always use what ATIS says. When traffic is present, use the favorable runways.

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Well you CAN do whatever you want at an uncontrolled airport. However you will most likely annoy someone.


This is covered in the FAQ in the #tutorials


What I never see in these threads is a reference to the actual METAR.

Take runway 18C/36C at EHAM. If the winds are 270@5kts, that’s a direct crosswind (no headwind, tailwind component for either end), but one of them has to be orange and the other red by IF logic. In those situations, go with the flow of traffic.

The other situation is all green in calm winds. This does not mean you can land wherever you want. If everyone is using 27 at KSAN and you come barreling in on 09, it doesn’t matter that it’s green.

Other fields are heavily dictated by terrain or other things.

The colors are a rough guide, they are not Gospel.

(And, please, for the love of all things, when you hear in ATIS that 18 is in use, don’t be the guy requesting taxi to 36 over and over just because it’s orange or something.)


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