What do the pilots print?

My flight got cancelled so I am sitting in the Madison, Wisconsin airport watching GA and the Air National Guard do pattern work. In between landings, I hear pilots print tons of stuff on the good old dot matrix printers…

What is on the printout? Are there plans to modernize? Just curious. I assume it is weather, flight plan, etc.

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Flight plan, weather…etc.

An Air France Long Haul Flight Plan is approx. 45 pages!

The airport charts are normally in their Ipad or the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).

The airway maps are printed on very big papers, it’s pretty impressive!

It is. It has stuff like flight plan, weather, number of pax, waypoints, and NOTAMs

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This post is a great Fledging Learning Vehicle! It should be archived and used as a reminder. Pre-Flight Planning is a key component of Good Airmanship. Pass t along. Max Sends

When I was waiting for my flight from KLAX-KJFK, the pilot also did print out a huge like 3ft piece of paper!?!?

good chance was the Manifest being printed off as well showing name and numbers of passengers, cargo loaded on board as well as weight and balance information. Would have thought that a lot of that had been transferred to the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) though I guess depends on airline / nationality etc

  • Flight plan
  • Destination / Departure / Alternates weather
  • Notam
  • Crew Alert
  • Significant Weather Charts
  • MEL Items sometimes
    Stuff like that :)