What do the green and red numbers of the runway mean.

Hello (again) Infinite Flight Community. Whenever I fly there is two different colores of runway numbers. Green and Red. What do the different Colours mean and do. Thanks :👍🏻

It’s the suggested runway you would use to take off or land. If everybode is on 1L, and that runway is red, just use 1L.

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They represent the wind direction. Generally we would use the green runways but that is not always the case. On expert check ATIS for specifics.


Green: headwinds
Orange: crosswinds
Red: tailwinds

Note: Red runway numbers does not mean the runway is closed.


What’s best to take of and land in

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Green. If there are no Green colored runways, land on an orange colored runway.


Thanks that’s explained everything

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As I said above, if there is ATIS, follow that.

If no one is there, go for the green.

If there is traffic but no ATC, see this tutorial by Tim:

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Planes do normally land and depart into the wind (with headwind). Nonetheless runway usage at airports can differ as landings and takeoffs can happen with a certain amount of tailwind (I believe 10 knots) as well.

As some airports use certain runway configurations during certain times (e.g. LSZH) I would recommend using a app such as Flightradar24 to figure out the correct runway to use if no ATC or ATIS is available. Also check out @lurker‘s post above.

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as people have said, follow flow of traffic first. If there’s no one else prefer green runway. Of course if you are on emergency fuel, or if terrain is a problem, then its a different story.

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