What do pilots do on long flights

What do pilots do on long flights? Normally there are different shifts which they rotate but what do they do while they are actually on the job. Do they just sit and stare out the window and monitor the computers. Do they listen to music. Do they go on their phone

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and do they fall asleep in the cockpit

I think that this should be in #real-world-aviation but no they definitely don’t fall asleep in the cockpit

They mostly check on different parameters of the airplane to make sure that the plane is working properly, communicate with ATC, closer to the destination they start monitoring METAR and TAF of arrival airport to plan for the approach etc. Usually there are 3 pilots in modern airlines on long hauls with two of them being in the cockpit all the time

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checking stuff does not take 10 hours so what do they do when they’re not checking stuff

They monitor a lot of the aspects of the flight. As well as eat food, drink coffee, occasionally listen to music.

You’d be surprised at how much there is to do in the cockpit. There’s always some or the other checklist to follow, or monitor radios or weather etc.

They don’t fall asleep, no. There’s a separate bunk for that, for multiple-shift long haul flights.

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The workload during cruise is much lower than during take-off and landing. However, there are several tasks that are required, including position reports if not in a radar environment (such as over the ocean or large jungle areas) to air traffic control, monitoring the fuel log (ensuring that the fuel burn is matching the flight plan), and verifying that the flight management computer has followed the flight plan (known as gross error checks) and a few more.

It is rather challenging to in regards to fatigue especially during overnight flights.

However, the use of personal laptops is banned on pretty much all airlines with a few exception. You can listen to music but make sure that it doesn’t interfere with radio and you still do everything correctly. They also can talk to each other 😅


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