What do people use to create planes and livery designs for Infinite Flight?

Hey do you know what people use to create planes and livery designs for infinite flight if you know please put them down below please make them for windows laptop only.

What do you need these for exactly?

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We use Photoshop and Aircraft Templates that you can find on the forum!


So i can design planes with my ideas for my va and see what they look like

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Take a look at this thread :)


No i don’t need it for logo’s

Can you send me some links for where people say it please

Sorry misunderstood your question , contact @JMG787 as he has expertise in this field.

This thread you may find of interest , lots of guys posting there custom creations and may be able to help you further …

Here’s to you the link: Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint

  1. Click the link and then:
  • Click on the third link “Trasparent Templates”
  • Download the Aircraft you want and save it on the dexstop for convenience
  • Then go to Photoshop and click on “New” and create a white document 500x1000 pixels and save it for new future projects
  • Then insert the Downloaded Aircraft and began to draw on the Background level
    Contact me if you have some questions! Maybe I’ll do a topic about this
    Have fun!!!

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