What do orange approach lines mean on some runways?


What do orange approach / glideslope lines on the map mean compared to plain white ones? I’ve noticed I can’t tune into the ILS of a big airport even when it’s logically the active runway (into the wind) because only side of the approach is orange, and only the orange side can be tuned for ILS.



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ILS for red lines and GPS fpr white lines.


The orange/red cones are ILS cones. The white ones are GPS approaches. Since 19.4 you can only use ILS cones to intercept the localiser and glideslope.


Thanks all!

All good. Btw how long have you been playing the game, bc it says you’ve just joined the community

I’ve been casual flying offline for a few months when I get time, I just created an account today to ask the question as it was the first thing I couldn’t find the answer for already in the forums

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