What do I say?

Hello IFC,
I just purchased Infinite Flight Pro and I have been wondering what I say to ATC. Of course I am only in the first server and there is no need to use ATC, but I would like to know for future. My misunderstandings include, “what does inbound mean?” and other things similar.

Thanks for the help

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Check the tutorials section on topics on how to use ATC:


Hi Liam,

Another great topic for you to read over would be this guide from Chris_S. There is information that will take you from spawning in, filing your flight plan to wheels up (climb-out) to landing. Enjoy 😉



Inbound for landing means you will be landing at the airport you are approaching.

@Liam06. MaxSez: GOOGLE, UTube and the Forum Tutorials are your friends as you develop your IF Flying skill on procedures and the use of the voice communication node. Here’s your ansewer from a Google Search:

“Idnbound means you are going TOWARD a point, fix, runway, navigation aid or other point of interest.

Outbound means you are going AWAY from a point, fix, runway, navigational aid or other point of interest.”

Suggest you research first before utilizing the Forum for answers; “There are Snakes on this Plane”!

Regards Max

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