What do I need to prepare to become an IFATC?

The requirement shows that I need to achieve Trust Level 1, but I am not sure how to achieve it.

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Welcome to the community!


The distinction between TL0 and TL1 is relatively small as the aim is to mitigate the number of spam or bot accounts joining the forum. Just actively engaging on the forum by liking, commenting and engaging in a positive manner should be enough to get you promoted, and it shouldn’t be taking too long either.

Though the requirements are not made public for obvious reasons, I can assure you that it wouldn’t be hard to get there given a little bit of time.


That isn’t accurate.

Infinite Flight changed those and made them private from the Discourse ones to prevent people from farming to gain trust levels.


Hey @A320_Flyerboy19

When it’s privat so how can you know it’s not accurate?

And btw… I still have no answer for your Checkflight so would be nice if you reply
Thanks !

The requirements for TL1 you listed are the default Discourse ones. It has been mentioned numerous times before that the requirements on the IFC have been modified (see LordWizrak’s reply above). We do not know what the exact, modified IFC requirements are, and for good reason; but we do know they’re not the default ones :)

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Cool Story … but that won’t help him.

I gave him a „ reference Point “…

@Beijing just be active . Visit the forum . Read some topics, write & like some comments

Hope to see you in the IFATC Team soon !

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It took me about half an hour of activity on the forum to get to TL1 (though it’s variable between accounts, it can take a lot longer or a lot less time), that’s really not the issue for most people. I look forward to controlling with you in the future :)

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Thank you so much!

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