What Do I Need To Know For An Event?


Hey there my gs. I really want to join this event, but am very afraid if I screw it up, anything I should know before joining? And what’s the steps done to fly and join, is there a chat?



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Hello! Can you be more specific on which event you’re trying to attend? Maybe this was meant to be a PM?

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This one: 16MAY20 / 1800Z - Takeoff Into Summer with United Virtual Airlines | Summer Kickoff Event @ KEWR

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Just make sure you follow all the given directions. Don’t be nervous. These are very fun!

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Is there a chat?

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You should be added, if the Host decides to create one.

Based on their thread, it looks like signups have unfortunately been closed already.

And FPLs? What bout those?

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GAT CEO just said they’re open. 🤔

I would recommend using FPLtoIF.com

You can input STARS and SIDS

It also gives you a cruising altitude and climb/decent profiles!

I thought they created one for you…

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Unless the host has a lot of time on their hands, they could. I have never seen someone do it before. The hosts only job is to organize the fly-out part. Not the destination part. :)

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Flight plans can be done to the pilot unless it is on one or a couple of select routes only, then it is jsut your choice. Doing hundreds is difficult.

Regarding a chat, a chat isn’t always made, however on my events I always make a PM a couple of days before and regularly bump from a couple days to 1 day to 1 hour. It really helps boost the attendance and I highly suggest it.

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So all I need to do is spawn at the assigned gate and just go my way?

Yes, after following protocols of that event and expert server, you can go your way after takeoff. Most events you have to see for your Pushback order, if not just try not to crash and cut in line. The event which you mentioned has a specific arrival airport so I am assuming fpl would be made and they have mentioned that a group chat would be made.

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