What do I do?

Hello all.

I am currently on Right Downwind of EHAMS 18’s
But I am too high to begin my approach, I’ve announced a missed approach and been told to check forums for assistance using ATC.
What do I do?

Check forum.

You should declare your intention about approach. Leave your fpl. Enter under the command of App Atc.


I know someone who knows a lot more than me probably knows a solution, but you could always PM the controller
Edit: which frequency are you on? If it’s approach, just stick to your altitude assignment and trust the controller. If its with tower, extend your downwind leg to descend


Missed approach can be executed by the Pilots if the aircraft is unable to complete the ILS/GPS approach (instrument approach), missed approach cannot be executed for visual approach or VFR Aircrafts (Radar Vectors, flight following, inbound with tower facility). A controller would send you missed approach vectors usually if you are unable to align with localiser, less spacing with aircraft ahead,or if you have executed missed approach after being vectored for instrument approach(ILS/GPS).

What’s wrong in your situation is that you were not assigned into any ILS / GPS approach prior to contacting the Approach/Tower frequency. I hope I am right.


I was assigned, I was assigned ILS 18C.
Another thing, another aircraft was inbound, and requested a runway change, he was also told to check forums?

The Best solution is prevention. Next time, if you clearly see you’re going to be too high, make a 360 BEFORE you enter the airspace to lose altitude; this makes things a lot simpler for you and the controller.
If you’re already on downwind, as said above you can try to extend the Downwind, but only if the other traffic and sequencing allows.

MaxSez: @Josh_Tomaz… , Insufficient Data, What Server, who sent “Check Msg”, Was Approach Active?.. In General, Missed Approach is at a “Pilots Discretion”…Pilot should follow Missed Approach Procedure. ATC provides guidance/vector only.

(“Check Forum” Command is ambiguous & valueless. Pilot Error should be stated clearly. ATC msg menu should be updated with options/reason.)


Okay so heres the info. I was flying from Willemstad to Amsterdam in a KLM 744. I was about 50 nm from dest when I tuned into Tower, there wasnt any approach active. My first message was
‘KLM 256 is (dist) (west) of (random airport), inbound on the ILS 18C at Amsterdam Schipol’. The reply I got was ‘Please check forums for assistance using ATC instructions’ After that he told me to enter right downwind 18C, but I was still quite far out, so I maintained my heading until I was in EHAM airspace, My FLP was to take me towards the North of EHAM, where I would make final adjustments for landing, so therefor I was way to high for the approach, so I announced ‘missed approach’, and was told again to check forums for assistance using ATC instructions. So I decide to go downwind, extend it, establish a circuit of holding, then begin my approach, suddenly he assigned me to 18R, which is a huge inconvenience in terms of long taxi times, but I decided to listen to him and go with the flow. Now I’m established on the localizer and some other guy requests a runway change, he too was told to check forums. Now the ATC closes, and from there I finish my flight.
It was on Expert, the controller was @niks.goen.
Also, I sent him a message, and he’s clearly viewed it but simply ignored it.

This is because this inbound call in is wrong, the correct statement is “KLM 256 is (info here), inbound for landing, (requesting runway 18C).”

You were probably changed to 18R because your unexpectedly long downwind messed with the other traffic so you had to be re-sequenced.

Also, IFATC will never ignore your message, all of us have lives as well, I’m sure he’ll reply when he has the time :) Just be patient and treat this as a learning experience.


@8SmartFlying. MaxSez; I take exception to this wrong/right call response by ATC. Cite for me the AIM or IF ATC Guidance that dictates Appropriate requests for service in an Approach Procedure. The Pilot requested an ILS APPROACH, it should be honored not challenged or changes. The runway change was acceptable base on conditions in the Controlled Airspace.

When approach is not active, the pilots are asked to just check-in with inbound for landing. That said, the intent is clear and controllers shouldn’t waste time sending CHP and just get on with it.

No reason to announced missed without approach, especially when not on the final approach course. You have no vertical or lateral restrictions, so do what you need to do to lose altitude without obstructing other traffic, such as extending downwind or a 360 if no one is behind you. If the controller needs to resequence you or assign you something else, they’ll do it.

Not enough info to explain the CHP on this one, but not too important in this discussion.

So the answer to your original question is that it was simply inappropriate use of that message. Nothing major.
Carry on and continue to have fun flying!


I’m extremely sorry. I just saw your message now.

  1. 1st check help pages was for ypur incorrwct inbound call to tower.

  2. 2nd check help was when you announced missed approach on downwind. When you were not even cleared for landing

  3. i changed your runway from 18C to 18R because you were bit high and other inbounds were there. Who planned there descend well and need to get in the pattern. So i just cant have you floating around the end of ILS cone for 18C.


You only use the “inbound on the ILS / GPS / Visual” command when you are handed over from Approach to Tower after they vector you in for that requested approach. It should never be used to call initial inbound when only tower is active.

In very busy situations, sometimes we let it slide just for the sake of efficiency and don’t send a CHP, but it’s important to note the correct inbound procedures.


That guy never called any inbound. Was inbound from east. Tuned in and requested runway change. So i had no clue what to tell to him exept CHP. Hope that clarifies. :)


@Aquila. MaxSez: Seems you just make these procedure up based on short staffing. Cite for me the AIM or IF ATC Guidance that dictate your procedures noted.

@8SmartFlying. MaxSez: Cite “No Active Approach” this Topic Procedure and there appropriate requests. From the AIM or IF ATC directive. (Note, Your making this up…t previous comment)

@niks.goen. MaxSez. Pls cite for me the AIM or IF ATC Guidance for inbound requests when “No Approach is Active”… As far as I’m concerned the request for an ILS Approach was correct.

Ok you don’t need everyone to give you an official response with proof from IFATC. IFATC controllers are letting you know what’s right and what’s wrong.
There’s no need to be stubborn about it.
The official rules are:

  • no approach, use “inbound to airport”
  • approach active, requesting ILS, use “inbound on the ILS”
  • GPS and visual are the same as ILS

If you need anymore proof, IFATC will be happy to provide.


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