What do I do?

BURGL fix isn’t an entry to LAX. But I however want to use that STAR. What do I do?

Use one of the published STARs in the TFR.

I can’t as it wouldn’t be realisitc.

There will be an unrealistic amount of traffic at KLAX which requires us to use unrealistic procedures.


Well then don’t fly into LAX.
Or get ghosted 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m sorry but you have to follow these rules.


Rules are rules. TFR will put up a restriction no matter what

I am using the same FPL as the flight which I’m replicating. So I must respect the STAR.

Well, no ones going to stop you from planning that STAR, but if you get ghosted, don’t complain. The procedures are there to ease the flow of traffic.

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There should be an entry waypoint at the start of the red line. Not my problem if there isn’t one.

Would it hurt to go a few nm east and use the published STAR?

Changing your fp wont hurt, there will be over 100 arrivals I’m sure and it will help out IFATC a lot.

It will be when you get ghosted. There are many more STARs into LAX, but Misha has picked out 3 already. If anything, be greatful that he has taken the time to funnel traffic in on those 3 STARs, it will make it easier for us controllers and we could get you pilots in faster.

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Yes, since I would be unable to use the same FPL as my flight. When I fly, I fly as realistically as possible.

Imagine if the hundreds of people flying into LAX tomorrow applied this same attitude? Misha spent a considerable amount of time creating this STARs to ensure a smooth flow, both for you and the controllers.

I can assure you it wouldn’t kill you to follow the set waypoints like everyone else. Be a team player and have fun!


I checked the BOGET entry fix and I don’t understand how I’m suppost to enter there.

As you can see the entries to that STAR are from the East. But I’m not arriving from there. I’m arriving from the north. I can’t just enter the STAR at some random point.

But you can… this is a simulator, not real life. Yes, I agree it’s painful to not follow real world procedures, but really, something as simple as this isn’t that big of a deal.

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You have to understand how I think. I’m playing IF because I want to become a pilot IRL. In order to learn as much as I can from IF, I must use the most realistic procedures possible. It’s also more fun to fly like real pilots than to fly the custom way.

You can enter a STAR at the named waypoint, you don’t have to use one of the transitions.


The most realistic you can be is following TFR’s and ATC instructions.


You could use a VOR and perform a visual approach. Or rely on the approach frequency