What do I do?

Ah. In that case, diverting is the safest option. You could probably make it to Toronto, but it would be close.

But what I don’t understand is that they do this exact same flight IRL. So I don’t understand why i’m not able to replicate it in IF.

The E175 is broken. Needs like 90% during cruise. Only used it in the beginning of my VA days cuz I have trouble with landing a crj lol

@Philippe_Gilbert you could divert to some shorter distances that you will make it. You could do Syracuse, Albany, or even La Guardia.

If you haven’t descended yet, I would just continue. During descent, you use way less fuel. You will probably still have a good amount of fuel upon arriving at Montreal. Just my two cents :)

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So many people are contradicting each other here. I need an expert to help.

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I decided that I would try to get to Montreal. My throttle will go down when I will descend so it should be good.

Ok, good luck!

I decided to divert to Toronto but I’m not happy. This literally ruined my flight. I hope that this issue can be fixed on the E175.

Yes, the E175 has known fuel issues. I’ve flown it many times and gotten frustrated a few times. I would not recommend attempting anything over 2hr 45mins. Other than that, don’t cruise too fast (.77 or .78 is ideal)

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As well as the E Jet family having fuel burn issues, the time estimation on the weight and balance is wildly inaccurate.

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