What do I do?

I am currently flying from Houston to Montreal with Air Canada E175. Everything has gone super well since the beginning of the flight but there is still one issue, fuel. I don’t know why, but it seems I won’t have enough fuel to safely land at Montreal. I took maximum fuel before leaving Houston. The approximate flight time with that fuel was 3:51. My flight lasts 3:15, so I don’t understand why I don’t have enough fuel. Currently my ETE is 1:24 and I have 1:16 fuel left. So what do I do? Do I continue to Montreal? Or do I divert to Toronto?

Do you have anything that might be causing extra fuel burn? Perhaps flaps or a high N1?


Divert to Ottawa, as there it will be easier to land with your fuel status, and you’ll be able to refuel. And, yes, you’ll have enough fuel.

You might make it to your destination actually, because on descent you use way less fuel, but I wouldn’t gamble it

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If your flight plan is with FPLtoIF, do you have a secundary airport?

I don’t think so. I’m currently cruising at 35000ft, at M 0.75 and my N1 is 90%.

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You could also divert to Toronto and then continue to Montreal.

Just a question do you have your spoilers set to “Flight” mode?


Ofc not. I’m not dumb enough to do that.


Maybe you will land of emergency in a secundary airport… and then continue to you destiny airport

Wasn’t saying that🙂 Sometimes it’s the small things that can get the most experienced pilots, never leave a stone unturned:)


What are the wind conditions at the moment?

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I have 30kts tailwind. My ETE is just 6 minutes over the fuel limit. I’m so close.

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If you have 6 minutes ahead the ETE, maybe can you land with emergency fuel in Montreal, but if Montreal doesnt have ATC, i think you cant reportate the emergency. (That will be probably if Montreal have too many traffic, but i think no.)

I’d divert if I were you. Again, Toronto is a good airport to divert to. You could also divert to Syracuse or Albany.

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90% is a bit high for N1. I’m not familiar with the E175, so I’m not sure if it’s super fuel inefficient or what. However, I do think that you’ll make it (barely). Descent won’t require a high fuel burn, so if the difference is only 6 min, you should be fine.

@Ulises25 there won’t be any ATC as Montreal is not on the ATC schedule :)

Oh! Im sorry.

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It’s all good :)

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@TaipeiGuru, my throttle is at 73%.