What do I do if I do not understand ATC

I did not know if this when in ATC or General

Hello! Let’s say I am doing a flight, then ATC in approach says something to me that I did Not understand at all, then he says “Please follow instructions” then you Start to panic and hope you will not get ghosted, what do you do?

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Check out the tutorials in #tutorials or on infinite flight official youtube, there are some great atc tutorials by Tyler on there.


Make sure you are watching all available tutorials on this before flight, they help a lot

Usually when you get please follow instructions (without the ghost) or check help pages there’s not much to worry about. When you do get it, one thing to do that can help is ask yourself what the previous instruction was, and see if you followed it completely. If you still don’t understand why you got it, you can send a message to the controller and they’ll be more than happy to explain what happened.

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The instructions are rather basic actually. You just need to know your basic traffic pattern sequencing and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. “Turn right heading 240” “Descend and maintain 3000” etc. If you get the “Please follow instructions” command but don’t know what you did wrong, I strongly suggest reading back through your ATC comm log where you can read all your instructions that were issued to you and see what you didn’t follow.

Nothing to be worried about. Just make sure you know basic terminology and you should be fine. You’ll get the hang of it, and soon you’ll be loving the Expert server!

Here’s a graphic I suggest memorizing:


Hey there!

If you do not understand the words due to it not being your first language, then I suggest using google translate. It works reasonably well.

If you do not understand the meaning of these words, I suggest watch tutorials on YouTube or you can just google and you’ll get your answer easily enough.

Hope this helps.


Also one more imp point here
Go through the atc manual once.
It ll give you great clarity :)

On the expert server you can always politely PM the controller and ask. It may help to send them a screen shot of your replay where they said to please follow instructions or check tutorials. They will be glad to clear things up.

For help in finding the controllers IFC name, you can reference https://fpltoif.com/controllers Please be patient as they may still be controlling and may not get back to you until the next day.


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