What do I do if ATC asks me to contact tower when there is no tower?

What do I do if atc asks me to contact tower when there is no tower? I was in that situation, I quitted to avoid ghosting

Tune out and use the Unicom


@Chad_Garnett But I was on , and I was told twice so it isn’t an error

can atc even warn pilots to contact other frequencies when that frequency doesn’t exist?

That is unfortunately a bug. Just tune out of the approach frequency and go to Unicom. You shouldn’t get ghosted unless you do something stupid. An example of that would be changing your runway assignment, or something of that nature.

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Argh, I should have just landed…

I hope infinite flight will fix this


You can also change your callsign to “NORDO” if you can’t contact tower.


I don’t understand what Nordo means,

Plus the chances of my callsign helping me is low, and I only have 8 characters to do that

NORDO indicates that you are unable to contact a frequency. You will not be reported anyways if you interfere with traffic so there should be no worry.

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People keep saying this. This does not have any bearing on anything. I know multiple users who use this as a permanent callsign.

If you cannot contact tower, what should happen is tower presumes^ you cannot contact them, allows you to land as if you were on Unicom. This means, however, that you are responsible for ensuring that you do not land with traffic on the runway and maintain appropriate separation. (Callsign irrelevant)

Or, two, you may get reported for unable to communicate. To prepare for this possibility, simply take a screenshot of the available frequencies the moment you realize you can’t tune in (i.e. before you’re reported), share that screenshot after the flight (via PM), and the report will be reversed.

Most of these can propbably be avoided if everyone used Send&Switch, instead of just Send and then trying to find the frequency. Perhaps not all, but on any direct handoff, there is never a reason to search for the freq. Just hold down the headset for a second and it should do it for you.

^The reason I say ‘presumes’ is because pilots can’t wait to get off of approach and contact tower. The problem is them doing it without permission too early, not the other way around. If you’re an ATC tower controller with active approach, I promise you none of the pilots are trying to stay on Approach.


Unfortunately I got out of send and switch because that’s me, then I go back on to the frequency but then that happened

I’m not sure what exactly that means, but definitely don’t add an extra step. On a direct handoff, take what’s on offer: a free switch without any need to search.


What i do is I get off the frequency once to check if I’m on the correct one even though you just need to look at a certain spot then o go back kn

But you can check if you’re on the correct one without ever leaving. It’s in the top left of the dialog box. That would lessen the occurrence of this issue quite a bit if you simply stayed on.

(And, just from a controller’s standpoint, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to go to give someone a command and they’re dancing around frequencies for no reason.)



I know, it’s just a habit

And my bad, I didn’t know it was frustrating to change frequency, I hope it’s not that bad because I do it before asking for commands

It actually is, very much so.

The approach controller will keep you on their frequency until they see you correctly and fully lined up on the correct localizer.

You should never switch on your own.

BTW, there’s really no reason to request a frequency change at all. The controller knows you need to change to tower. When you’re lined up, they will hand you off.


Looks like this topic was shaming my atc skills…

I wouldn’t call it shaming, but rather, “Learning”. Through what Tim has told you, I assume, that you’ve learned a thing or two and that goes for everyone stopping by this topic. So all-in-all, it is a learning curve, to do a mistake or something not 100% correct, then being told how to execute the action properly, and from there learning what you should do next time.

Be glad that Tim went through this with you. He is one of the most knowledgeable ATC in Infinite Flight, so take his words into consideration, and doing as he told you to, will makes things much easier for the controller but ultimately for you as a pilot too.


In theory no reason to. However I was just inbound at OMAA. I was flying a standard 31L STAR approaching left downwind from the north, so had just checked in to approach without asking for vectors. Controller issued radar contact then shortly after, when I was around 15nm out, the controller changed and I continued inbound on the ILS, without clearance.
I got to around 5nm from the threshold and felt it was necessary to ask for a frequency change. He handed me over.
From a pilot’s point of view how can we be sure the controller hasn’t just not spotted us or is preoccupied.
Even if he thought I had been given ILS clearance by the previous approach controller, which I hadn’t, it seemed odd he didn’t hand me over sooner and without me requesting freq. change.
I didn’t want to try to land without tower clearance.


That’s a controller change and you weren’t ILS. Completely different.