What Do I Do After Receiving Intercept Vector?

Thanks. The case is that I wasn’t cleared for any runway. The next instruction was “Execute missed approach”. So, I got confused.

If this was on Expert then I recommend you contact your controller and ask them to explain. I am sure they will gladly explain to you what happened and what you can do next time to prevent another issue.

You fly the heading and descent. You will intercept path of runway on localiser(red cone) After that you do your own thing to line up correctly to runway and descent all the way to runway. Mean while approach will ask you to contact Tower

Good. I will do it. Thanks for your kind advise.

Thanks. Very helpful.

In addition to the great info already provided, here’s a full tutorial on flying an ILS Approach.

And because I’m in this great mood, here’s a tutorial on all the different Approach types. 😊

Any questions, let us know.


After intercepting the localizer, you do not need to ask for a freq change and you do not switch to tower on your own.

This is all-too-common. The approach controller will hand you off when they see you’re established on the correct localizer.


I agree with this advice - just wondering how I can ask a controller to clarify: is there a button in the ATC section?

@Capt.Ortiz, these directions mean that you should maintain a 3000 FT altitude until you intercept (or establish) the localizer, which is compromised of both the glideslope gauge and the localizer. The controller is essentially telling you to continue on your route towards your destination until you have reached the localizer (at less than a 30-degree turn angle), at which point you should align your aircraft with the runway using the G/S and localizer gauges, found on your HUD. This is a basic preface and a fuller explanation/tutorial can be found on the following community link: How to fly an ILS approach
Hope this helps :)
See you in the skies (quote copied from flight reviewer Jeb Brooks - I highly recommend his videos)

Thank you very much for your kind and detailed explanation. I asked because I received ATC instructions to descend and maintain 3000 until established with localiser, what I did, but the next ATC instruction was to initiate missed approach. I did not received any further instructions as to which runway to land. It was on the expert server.

Thank you so much for your help.

When you are confused and want to contact your controller you can click on the airport that the controller is controlling and go under the ATC section and then write down their username and finish your flight. With the username you can then come on here and search for the controller using that username but please keep in mind that it is likely that their username may be slightly different. If you cannot find them and PM them then all you can do is just politely make a thread asking fro someone to lead you to “_________” or PM a mod.

Thanks for your advise.

Approach never asked me to contact tower.

@Capt.Ortiz, in this situation, I would ender the upwind (in the pattern) and request another approach when you are in a good position to; however, I haven’t had this happen to me in the past and I could be wrong. Fuller tutorials can be found here: ATC Manual (click on the link). Here is an image outlining pattern work: image
I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask! The people in this community are always willing to help you be better!

I understand - thanks for the information!

I think you only need to do right/left downwind to join missed course if he overshot localiser from base turn. Upwind would take him too long.

That is true - good point. I think the decision to turn right or left in that situation is the pilot’s decision.

Yes, that is absolutely true. People help a lot always. Thank you again.

No problem! I hope I was able to answer your questions.