What distance can you contact tower

Hi guys im just wondering if what distance (nm) can you contact tower of your destination?

I think around 25 nm away but im not sure

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I think 25 nautical miles.

26 is max to contact

Ok thank you very much


No problem, ask if you need anything else!

Ive found it’s 27nm for me🤷‍♂️

You can contact Tower at 27nm away, at or below 10,000 feet; also wait to contact approach when you are at 50[ish]nm, at or below 18,000ft.


It is 26nm. That is when you can contact tower

Yes, around 25-27 nm.
i usually contacted when below 29

I have been in a situation when the Los Angeles controller sent me to Baiyun and I kinda thought well that’s helpful

I think that approach can send you to your destination airports tower frequency. Even if you are outside that 27nm diameter.

Ok sweet thanks. I don’t have to freak out any more 😂


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