What did the old ATIS menu look like?

I’ve been doing some looking but couldn’t find anything on this. What did the old ATIS menu look like for ATC?

I personally wasn’t around back then to know what or how ATIS in IF Functioned, but I found a few old dusty ancient topics here on the forum that you should look at ;)

This will show you how they wrote the ATIS etc, dont know about the actual menu, sorry :(

Perhaps a User that has been around longer could answer, where are all the 2015 guys?

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Let me search my archives

So it looked like this after typing

Tapping on it gave a white text input box (like the FPL box we have now) (iOS) and you had to retype everything (@JoshFly8, remember ATIS take 1,2,3 because our devices crashed often?)

It looked like this to the pilot


Looks both like fun and a mess at the same time


Thanks for sending me these!

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IFATC should have access to use ATIS, but not TS1. TS1 controllers would abuse it.


That’s how it used to be


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