What did the new hotfix for update 19.1 fix?

Can anyone tell me what the new hotfix for 19.1 fixed as I haven’t updated yet as I’m having issues my end. Thanks

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The new update were supposed to fix issues in 19.1 like the graphic glitch with the A330. Can you describe the issues you have been having?

Are you on Android? It should be out for Android. (Someone please confirm, thanks)

As for your Issue, can you go into a bit more detail? Thank you very much 😊

I just need to pay the apple bill to update you know how it is lol the issue I’ve been having though is the live replay is really glitchy and the wheels are like bricks they don’t spin no more where as before the update you had that. I just wanted to know if that’s been fixed on the new hotfix for the update?


I’m using an iPhone XR but the wheels don’t move anymore and was wondering if this new hotfix fixed that, it’s just the apple bill I’ll sort it tomorrow 👊🏻

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@Captain_Infinite No, the wheels don’t move at all in live replay. Replay is still in its early stages and things like this will be fixed at a later date.

Hope this helps!

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There are new graphics options for anti aliasing to help some who have had performance issues.


Thanks, it’s not a big issue, just wanted to make aware of the issue.

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I know, I was just using your topic as a reference point.


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