What did I see here?

I was boarding my casual 787 flight from New York, when I saw the gate sign say AUTO DETECT. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something, but it’s bugging me.

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someone correct me if I am wrong but doesnt it mean the plane wasnt able to be detected?

Could you add a screenshot so we can see exactly what it looks like

This has happened before, its a known issue I believe. I‘m gonna double check it but to my Knowledge this happens when Stand Guard is not able to detect the Aircraft type


If you believe this was a glitch etc. contact technical support and they will get to you ASAP. Finally, please refrain from putting technical support question in general and instead in #support



I switched it to the Support category for ya😄

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AUTO DETECT is shown when the docking system has detected the aircraft but not the typ.
To find out what the issue is it is required to know which gate this was. The gates I checked do recognise the 787-8.

Uhhh 💀 but fr how does it not detect the type? Its like coded isnt it or like what

it forgor 💀


I had that same issue too at jfk and Denver

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Please make sure to note down when ever there is a issue with a docking guidance:

  • which ICAO code airport
  • which gate
  • which aircraft typ
    Otherwise there can’t be any help.


terminal 4b gate 48

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I meant support.

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The Docking system is misaligned and of angle for the stand. This results in a detection fail.
The Editor is informed and it will be fixed when the airport gets updated.

Thanks for reporting.