What did I do wrong?

When entering the UKBB tower airspace (there weren’t any radar/approach controllers), I used the “call inbound” communication with the ATC, but was told to “check guidelines on how to use commands properly.” I was not ghosted and the controller immediately followed that with descent instructions. I landed successfully, but am still wondering what I did wrong. What am I supposed to say when first contacting tower and wanting to land on a runway?

I would contact your controller about this. But one possibility is that there might have been approach but left, and maybe they didn’t know. Again, maybe. I’m not saying that is what happened.

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Like AirForce said, it’s best to get in contact with the controller. Shoot them a PM! If you’re not sure of their IFC account, you can find em here. https://fpltoif.com/controllers


Please check in the replay who your controller was and send him/her a PM as he/she will be glad to help you and knows why the command was sent. Thanks!

Edit: PM announced before already, so sorry about the duplicate post, but I will keep it due to the replay hint.

Perhaps you used ‘inbound on ILS’ rather than requesting a pattern entry, this is a common mistake and controllers have the right to issue that command.


But tbh I am just making a guess based on this line:

I think if you require clarification it is better to contact the controller.

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Like what @CapDUDE said, if you’re not vectored by an approach controller, than you should not be using the “on the ils” option. The same principle goes for when you’re in the pattern and intending to land on the ILS. So overall, unless your cleared for the GPS, ILS or visual by approach, you should not be using those, instead just say “inbound for landing, runway xx”


I’m an IFATC specialist, did you request to land on a runway, or did you announce inbound on ILS/Vis/GPS on a runway?

Edit: above explains exactly what I was going to say 👍

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Let’s not try to speculate what happened so we can leave it to the OP and the controller.

@Captain_Oblivious, do you know what time this happened? I can help you find the controller who was there at the time.

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If the user looks at what Bostonstrongwill has said I’m sure they’ll know if they were in the right or wrong. It’s a very common thing for users to make a mistake on. But yes this will be ultimately solved with the controller.

Yep that must have been it. Ty

That’s it. 🤠

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Awesome! Glad you were able to figure it out. Everyone makes mistakes!

I’ve read the ATC manual a few times but ig I didn’t have a clear understanding of the details oof