What did i do wrong?


I did exactly as i was told, later on he ordered me to make a 360, but why did he tell me that i wasn’t following his instructions?

Well, did you turn right heading 020 and descend and maintain 3,500?

yes. At the second i was told

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Also, which server was this on? If this was training server and you followed instuctions, well there’s not much to do.

Try not to edit the whole log down. Just seeing the log is not helpful.
It’s helpful for us to see everything that’s happening. Can you post an unedited version?


It looks like you haven’t replied to any of the messages sent by a Controller


You may have followed all instructions, but you did not do the necessary “read back”. You need to follow and respond to all ATC instructions, this is likely the reason you were given a “please follow instructions”

Ok, thank you! ,

This is at EGLL, which means it’s TS, unless this was for days ago and you’re just now asking. As is said ad nauseam here, there isn’t always an explanation for TS commands.

As you can see, with only a sliver of the full picture, and not the entire thing, there’s nothing anyone here can do but guess.

If it was TS, I would suggest just moving on. If it was Expert from days and days ago, I would suggest contacting the controller via PM. Despite what you might think, he is the only one who can actually tell you what was going on in his head.

If im not mistaken, controllers on TS1 cannot send ghosting messages (I may be wrong), so it was probably on Expert.

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EGLL is not open on Expert, so this must indeed have been on TS1.
I think the observation by @Dan_77 was the correct one; you need to acknowledge the ATC’s instructions, not just follow them.

Case closed.