What did I do wrong?

First contact ground then contact Tower and then check tutorials…


Hello! You should stay on Tower Frequency until you exit and crossed the runway, then you can contact Ground to request taxi to parking. Also no need to request runway crossing again with Ground again. Don’t switch to Ground before crossing the runway

Anyway, nice to see a member asking in the forum when they got “Help Pages” instruction. I wish pilots who got instructed “Help Pages” can do the same thing like you do today. Great Job 👍


When given a runway crossing instruction with your exit command, you should stay on tower frequency until crossing the HS line AFTER crossing the runway. You do not need to request a runway crossing when already given a crossing instruction. Hope that helps :)

You did the right thing by actually coming to the forum and asking. I think I speak for all of IFATC when I say “I wish more people were like you”.

EDIT: @George beat me to it 😉

Good on you for checking on this!
Have a look at this and see if you have any questions

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