What did I do wrong?

Hey guys,
I was descending on final behind Matt, and contacted tower who gave me clearance to land (number 2) and then I waited to land.

I’m suddenly told to contact approach (after already being cleared by tower) and ghosted for 10 minutes for bad behaviour.

Just wondering what I did wrong, so I can avoid it next time :) thanks

What was the controllers name, Lewis? I can look into that for you.

Better to PM though right?

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Mine and Jaydons app crashed. Came back and he was right on Matts tail. Could not have been 1 mile separation. Tried to get him to enter base for 08L to no avail. Had 2-3 aircraft on top of Matt .

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Matt is like a magnet😂


If you’re sequenced it’s your responsibility as a pilot to maintain proper separation.


Thanks, Tom. Case closed.

Ah fair enough, thanks for clearing that up anyway. I think we both noticed the separation at the same time, because I started to do an S-turn to slow down and separate more, less than 10 seconds before I was ghosted. Oh well, if that was the reason, I’m pleased that I did actually notice. Shouldn’t it have been down to the tower controller to tell me to increase spacing?

Anyway, thanks again for explaining what happened, I understand why you did it. I actually screwed up the landing (very badly) in the 18kt crosswind while ghosted, so that wasn’t as embarassing as being visble! :)

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Im suprised the controller didnt tell to make a 360 for spacing. Its kind of not your fault no offense to the controller on duty

That’s gotta suck.

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The awkward thing was - as I mentioned above to the controller on duty at the time - I was actually ghosted half way through and S-turn, with the aim of distancing myself from Matt! (but, I did completely f*** up the landing anyway, so being ghosted meant it wasn’t as embarassing as it could have been xD)

I think next time if a ghost is necessary. It should have been only for the session not 10min

Sigh…if only matt wasnt there ;). The ATC on advanced server need to lay off on that ghost button but its alright i have been ghosted before