What did i do wrong to receive this violation? (BUG)

Hey guys, just wanted to get some opinions on this.

I just flew into VHHH on an Ethiopian flight from Addis Ababa (ET644). As i was on final, i received a message to contact VHHH tower, even though it never appeared on my list of available frequencies. I received several messages to do this until touchdown, where i was eventually reported as i could not join the frequency. As seen on my list of available frequencies, i was not able to contact tower, nothing popped up for me to join.

What should i do about this?

(The contacting of Kai Tak was to see if my ATC was working at all, i was not landing there)

This is a known bug, you have to click on the airport info on the map and when you see the frequencies tower would show up and you would select ‘tune’.

I’ll get in-touch with the controller so that he can reach out to you.

EDIT: Actually, message @Klax.aviation via PM as he was the controller. Provide your callsign and display name, and any other screenshots that you may have in your message to him. Thanks!