What did i do wrong(solved)

So i were on short final runway 28 at rio de janeiro and i had said that im on final but atc said that i didnt say intentions??(i where lined with ils)

if you know what i did wrong pleeease tell

did he say before to say intentions?

@mbmhwue148 your assistance is requested

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No he didnt, only on very short final

It was tower not approach

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He was the ATC though

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It looks like you were handed over from approach, is that correct?

Then you stated your position instead of saying “Inbound on the ILS” or asking to land.

I suggest you PM @mbmhwue148 directly.


Oh yeah i think u just answered to my question :D

This is the second time this happeds to me so i think it was the same last time

hmm…that’s interesting well just try be be on their good side
i had a similar thing that happened to me but i was in final and said to atc that i was on final and was sending traffic advisory to the ground traffic and then i got reported for spamming but that was a while ago

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Saying you are on final is just reporting your position, not your intentions. Next time say you want to land or for touch and go.

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If the pilot was vectored for the ILS, he should report inbound on the ILS to tower. In this case, the pilot reported on final, full stop. While this is incorrect, he did report full stop which means his intentions are to land. I would have told him to check help pages, hoping he would contact me on the forums, followed by clearance to land.


We need a “please PM controller for feedback” command


Because if you’ve already been cleared reporting your position is unnecessary. You’re not on Unicom. That’s what the controller is there for. They know you’re on final.

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As a general rule:

  1. If cleared by approach for ILS: “Inbound on the ILS…”

  2. If cleared by approach for visual: "Inbound on visual

  3. If not cleared for either by an active approach, use the call inbound menu, not report position.

Note: If there is no Approach controller and you are 25 miles away nowhere near a localizer, you are not “inbound on the ILS.” That one kills me.


This would make a great loading screen tutorial slide


Scene the controller is asking for your intentions and not your position, therefore you should call inbound for landing and in this case, Inbound on the ILS, Runway XX.

And the controller can already see where you are so he doesn’t need to know where your current position is but rather what you want to do from now on, land, touch and go, go-around, etc…

Final is something you call in on when you’re on a Unicom freq… to let other traffic around to know of your position/location. Since other pilots aren’t monitoring your exact movements, second by second like a controller, that’s why we have downwind, base, final, etc… commands when communicating on Unicom.

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