What did I do wrong now?

Resolved, mod can close:)

Message the atc so he can tell you what you did wrong

Okay, Just realized i misread one of the atc communications, he did tell me to cross, but i still want to know what i should say after i get sent over by approach. Mod can close now😋

Contact tower AFTER Approach instructs you to change frequency

I did. He told me to contact tower and i hit send and switch. Atc was A-FitzGerald but i cant find him.

Ayyye im AF04! I saw that and also did nit really understood what the tower meant

When you changed to tower , did you say inbound for the visual or ils for runway X ?

What did approach told you? Expect vectors for ILS approach?

Yes, approach gave me ils vectors and said decend and maintain X altitude until established on the ILS

You had to call: inbound on the ILS runway 26L

But i also see no real reason to ghost u for that

Approach cleared you for the ILS. all you had to do is yell tower that you are inbound for the ILS runway 26L

… i already said

@A-FitzGerald is the controller. You can message him

Thankfully he did not ghost me but i’d still respect him if he did

No need to now, all is resolved.

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But remember to yell to tower as Tom said. Normal speech wont do it.