What device would you suggest for infinite flight

Right now I have a Lenovo TB-8504F and infinite flight works fine on it but It has really bad storage space for other apps. So if any one has a suggestion for anything please feel free to provide feedback!
Thank you and happy landings!:)

Hey there!
I suggest you check this list of devices.

Hope this helps!
Happy Flying


Ok I will check this out thank you

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I have Xiaomi 6(Qualcomm) and IPAD Air 2(A9)Of these two devices, I think Xiaomi 6 is better, but the fever is very serious.Ipad will be stuck at runtime

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What would be the price range for a Xiaomi?

“The fever” lol! You got me there!

I just got a nice Samsung tablet that has more memory than my current tablet so the sim won’t lag when I’m at a busy airport

iPhone XS, works like a dream, also iPad Pro works better than a dream

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Id say any iPhone above the 7 is good, iPad pro is great, Galaxy S9 and S10 are also good devices

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