What device works good with IF without lagging?

My old iPad 4 still works with no lag, I think it is one of the cheapest way to play infinite flight without lag.

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Go for the iPad Pro 12.9 That is the best! I have it and it’s spectacular, runs IF smoothly and is 2048 by 2732.


Little big, that one.

Heck sometimes I find the 9.7 to be too big. I’d totally buy a 7.9 version of the iPad Pro.

That should be coming out this year! Also you get used to the 12.9

The iPad Air is very good. Runs Infinite Flight very smoothly at fully maxed out settings.

Check this out:

You can just use your phone to control, and you don’t need to heft your iPad around. :)

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if you are looking for something cheaper but yet great, I would go for the iPad mini 2, I have it and it is great on live and when it is on max settings

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and it runs great.

The iPad is usually easy to play because it has a bigger screen.

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You want a device that will have a large RAM capacity since RAM is what will be determining your visuals on the device if you do not have a graphics card. Since most tablets and phones do not run a designated graphics card. Ideally, you will want to look for something with or more than 3GB of ram. Most of the newest iPads will have this as well as the newest iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. I operate the S7 and sometimes this gets slow with extremely heavy traffic at airports. The S7 actually runs a 4GB RAM. However, none of this will matter if you never clear out your cache on a regular basis as cached data will just get pilled up and you will eventually always be running on lower than 2 GB of RAM. To operate IF at full visuals and all aircraft showing you need at least 2 GB of RAM available.


I use an iPad Air 2, it’s got to be one of the best - IF runs so smooth on it!

The iPhone 6 works great with high graphics, it only burns a lot of battery. But you don’t have to spend money on an iPad and a phone;)

Many iPad users here. I use the Galaxy S7 and it mostly works fine. Sometimes it lags a little bit on busy airports but not too bad.

I think the connection is more important than the device, as I have an iPhone 5C I bought used, yet it runs fine on maximum graphics, aircraft rendering, Live, etc.

My IPad Mini keeps crashing when I go on Infinite Flight.

My ipad mini 2 worls very well
Is yours 1?

Mine is IPad Mini 2.

Oh well im not sure, mine works fine

Have you tried resetting it?

I’ll do it now. Was reading through some questions.