What device should I get

  • Keep my iPad Air 2
  • Get the new budget iPad for my birthday in July
  • Wait until Christmas and try to get an iPad Pro

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What iPad should I get because mine is starting not to work


I have the iPad pro 12.9 and it works great! Everything is on the highest settings.

It depends on what you want to do with it. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Check the website below to see what the better option is (for your purposes).

I have the iPad Pro, even though i’m not using it for IF, its a great device, and that wwdc is around the corner, its worth to wait for the new iPad since your old iPad is An Air 2…

Yah I know it’s not too old but the app keeps glitching

I can relate I have the iPad Air 2 and it slows down whenever there are more than 10 planes in the vicinity.

27 weeks wait is worth it

From what I uear the Pro is a beast, but if you have a problem with your current device so you cant play IF then the budget is definitely up to the jab according to the specs and my friend who has it. If you dont have an issue you just want somthing more powerful I would personaly wait for thr PRO but that may just be me…

Good luck with whatever you end up with! 👍

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Apparently there is not gona be new tech at WWDC, all being held off till September, but that is kust what the leaks are saying so take it with a grain of salt…

It’s actually the best to wait for the new pro. I bought the budget iPad (6th gen. 2018) for writing scripts. I tried IF on it but it doesn’t run smoothly…

Just bought the 6th gen iPad for IF, and I’m hoping it works great. Seems to have better specs than my 6s, so it should be fine.

EDIT: @Swiss ya scaring me now…

EDIT 2: I don’t know if yours has little storage or anything, but mine ran it fantastically!

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Apple has supposedly been working on a new pro model, maybe you could wait for that?

(it is probably going to be ridiculously expensive, the new cheaper iPad is a reasonable and more affordable choice)

June 4th marks the day for WWDC 2018, so let’s wait and see what Apple announces then ;)

Go for the iPad Pro, i’ve been using last years model 12.9 inch, and haven’t had any issues whatsoever, no screen burn, overheating, game crash nor lag unless there crazy traffic then a little bit of lag but nothing too noticeable.

But as i said, wait and see what Apple has in store for us on WWDC this year as they’ll most likely announce their new iPad Pro for this year which i in that case would recommend giving the fact that it should and probably will be an improved version of the lasts years model.

I know it’s quite off-topic, but I really hope for a new macbook pro…

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Without going to off-topic as well myself, i’d like to address the same thing…, hoping for a new MacBook Pro reveal with slightly smaller bezels, 6 core on the 15 inch to name a few new feature that’d greatly improve the existing MacBook Pro :)

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Budget ipad won’t be much of a upgrade (what I have) so I say is get pro.

If you are looking for a new device, you can take a look here

Look for your device, look at what is has to offer, compare your options, and pick the best.

I have quoted what @Kirito_77 has said in his Device Compatibility Thread - IFC Built List post

Have a nice day!

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I lied. Now LiveFlight Connect is making my plane go full nose up. Tried it on my phone, and it was fine. I give up. 😂

Damn! What about the next iPad Pro? But i think its better to wait until the next iPad Pro comes out…

I really hope not, I’ve just bought the new Pro with the touch bar. And plus, Apple did say that they’re not releasing another MacBook until 2019.